"Can I wholesale a large number of popular and new products in a cost-effective manner and feel assured?" With Jewelry.BD, the answer is a resounding YES.

Succeed Together

Why Jewelry.BD

  • High Quality Items

    All accessories are plated with 18K gold in a vacuum furnace, with a coating thickness of 0.05 microns or more. They will not fade or rust after being worn for at least one year

  • Sustainable Production

    Our jewelry substrates, such as stainless steel and titanium steel, come from steel recycling, while the gold used for gold plating comes from the recycling of gold jewelry

  • Win-win Ecosystem

    We have professional account managers for you, find the high cost-effective products and recommend for you, assist you in achieving success together

  • Accessibility

    For every shipment, we have strict quality inspection, packaging, professional logistics team, and after-sales service to provide comprehensive performance guarantee